Antigone Sample Essay

Antigone Sample EssayWhat is the best way to answer an Antigone sample essay? The answer is as easy as getting to the point. Once you get to the point, it's much easier to follow your essay to its completion. So, let's get started.Take Antigone as an example. As the story goes, the Greek heroine goes through a lot of hardships in order to save her father's honor. However, you don't have to have the whole story. What you will need to know is how she faced those hardships. Knowing how she faced those hardships will help you to make your own Antigone sample essay.In the first paragraph of your Antigone sample essay, tell the reader what the main events were that led up to the tragic end of the story. For example, perhaps she fell in love with a robber or was possessed by a god. Either way, you must do some research on the characters in order to give your reader the true story behind it. Remember, the readers want to read a story that they can relate to and you need to tell it as clearly as possible.If you like, tell them about one of the most interesting bit of information about the character in the first paragraph. This can be a little dark, but it will make it easier for you to relate your essay to them. You do not want your reader to think you went into your essay and took no personal time to research your characters.The last thing to include in your Antigone sample essay is a paragraph on what happened to the rest of the characters. Hopefully, you already researched all of them but if not, at least mention who else survived the great calamity.You can fill in the gaps in your Antigone sample essay by giving details on the misfortunes suffered by the other characters. Of course, your Antigone sample essay has to be unique from the others out there and you will have to come up with something special.However, you also need to consider the audience needs. For example, a college level class might be more interested in the hero than the victims. That's why it's impor tant to explain as clearly as possible how the story unfolded and if it was any good.