Use of Personal statements in writing essays

Personal statements are the words of the writer of the paper as opposed to the words of the authors of the sources which the writer uses in writing the work. The use of Personal statements ensures that the work of the writer is not plagiarized, which is highly encouraged in academic research writing.. Many clients and firms use anti-plagiarism software to detect any instances of plagiarism in the work submitted by the writer. This software is referred to as custom software. The software checks for any words, phrases or sentences that are not Personal statements of the writer of the paper. To write good Personal statements which will pas the anti-plagiarism test, the writer should rephrase or replace the words of the author with his or her own words. APA style papers have both in-text citation and references which come at the end of the paper. The APA (America Psychology Association) is one of the major referencing styles used by writers in essay writing. APA style papers display a very simple and easy to understand style in both the references section, in text citation and overall formatting. In the APA style papers’ in-text citation, the writer must give the surname of the author followed by the year of publication in brackets, e.g. (McDavid, 2009). In the references section of APA style papers, the writer gives the publication details, i.e.: “McDavid, (2009). Women in the society. New York: OUP”. The main advantage of APA style papers is that APA style papers are easy to understand and are direct in their details.