Custom Essays in research writing

custom essays are writings which make use of rule/ conventional writing which is based on rules that are automated and assessed using software which detects any deviation of the writer from the norms set by the software. custom essays are different from the free style essays which are not rule governed. They are narrative in nature (free style) as opposed to custom essays which are structured and rule governed. Free style essays use the narration style. Always, I write my paper to answer the requirements outlined by the customer and ensure that I also bare the customer’s level of knowledge which determines directly the language and content of the paper. Since custom essays require one to research on the topic of writing, I conduct research to understand what has already been written on the topic before I write my paper. Since I write my paper for an audience who is my client, I write my custom essays to answer their needs and not mine. I do thorough editing which involve content addition and deletion to ensure that I have given the relevant content to the paper. Custom essay writing is an art I have learnt over time and at the beginning, I did not master it as now. It is an art I have actually learnt adaptively. Before I write my paper which is custom essay in type, I try to understand well the topic and what the custom essay requires to be done e.g. the type of paper format to be used and the plagiarism requirement which is automatic. I also attempt to understand the content of the custom essay before I write my paper.